Rainwater Harvesting Program Application


Rainwater Harvesting Program Application

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  • The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) Rainwater Harvesting Program provides a $100 discount per rain barrel (limit 2) or a $350 discount on a larger capacity cistern (limit 1). Residents, businesses and schools with an active SFPUC water service account are eligible to participate.

    Participants must install and maintain the rain barrel(s) or cistern according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Photos of the participant’s downspout and the proposed location for rain barrel(s) or cistern are required to be considered a complete application. Please complete and submit the online application below. Once approved, participants may pick-up their rain barrel(s) or cistern at the Urban Farmer Store, located at 2833 Vicente Street in San Francisco.

    Before submitting an application, please review the SFPUC’s Rain Barrel or Cistern factsheet for information on permit requirements and rainwater harvesting installation and maintenance guidelines. Factsheets are available at http://www.sfwater.org/rainwater
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  • Applicant Information

    If no a Property Owner's Notice and Release Form must also be submitted. Please download this form and forward it to your landlord. This PDF can be filled out and submitted online. Thank you for your paperless submission.
  • Rainwater Harvesting Program Questionnaire

    Please make sure the cistern you choose will fit through doors, gates, and other openings, or that you have a strategy for getting it into its permanent place.

    Bushman Cistern Sizes,

    Rotoplas Cistern Sizes

    Curbside delivery is available for $50.

    View diagram of connected or disconnected downspouts
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    Accepted file types: jpg.
    Photo of your downspout should clearly illustrate whether it is connected or disconnected (.jpg file only) less than 8mb, please.
  • Rainwater Harvesting Program Terms and Conditions

    Program Rules

    • Discounts will be provided for up to two rain barrels or one cistern per SFPUC customer.
    • If needed, a discounted downspout diverter kit (limit 1) shall be provided per SFPUC customer.
    • Participant agrees to provide proof that the property receiving the rain barrel(s) or cistern is within the City and County of San Francisco.
    • If participant is not the property owner and/or is not listed on the water service account, participant must provide a Property Owner’s Release Form.
    • The rain barrel(s) or cistern shall be installed at a SFPUC water service address.
    • Participant agrees to read the SFPUC’s Rain Barrel or Cistern Fact Sheet and the manufacturer’s installation instructions before installing the rain barrel(s), cistern, and/or diverter kit. Installation of the rain barrel(s) or cistern must fully comply with California Plumbing Code Chapter 17.
    • A photograph of the participant’s downspout and area where the rain barrel(s) or cistern will be located is required.
    • The rain barrel(s), cistern, and diverter kit shall be connected to a downspout or other effective means of capturing concentrated flow from roofs or other impervious surfaces.
    • For disconnected downspout installations, the rain barrel(s) or cistern is equipped with an overflow hose that shall direct excess rainwater away from adjacent buildings and/or properties and flow to a sewer service drain or landscape area with appropriate drainage requirements.
    • The rain barrel(s) or cistern shall not be connected to the potable water system.
    • Collected rainwater shall be utilized by a hose or bucket/watering can.
    • The rain barrel(s) or cistern shall be placed on a solid and level foundation such as concrete pad, pavers, or bricks.
    • The rain barrel(s) or cistern shall not block or restrict access to walkways or pathways.
    • Participant agrees to perform ongoing maintenance of the rain barrel(s) or cistern to ensure it does not become a breeding site for mosquitos and thereby a public health threat.
    • The SFPUC reserves the right to verify the installation of the rain barrel(s), cistern, and/or diverter kit. Failure to allow an inspection of the installed system within 30 days of request, or failure to install equipment subsidized by the program within 60 days may result in a charge to the participant’s water bill for the subsidized value.
    • Participant agrees to complete a program participation survey to assist the SFPUC in identifying critical data points regarding rainwater harvesting systems. This survey will be emailed, mailed or provided via telephone.
    • Participant acknowledges that the property’s water use information will be monitored for the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of the Rainwater Harvesting Program.
    • The SFPUC reserves the right to alter this program at any time. Funding is limited and rain barrels, cisterns, and diverter kits are available on a first come, first serve basis until funds have been depleted or the program terminates.
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