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Classes Richmond Annex

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    LED Landscape Lighting
    LEDs continue to make astounding technological leaps, and the breakthroughs we’ve seen since last year are mind-blowing! Come to learn more with a hands-on demo and show and tell. Hint: It’s witchcraft!

    Best Practices in Irrigation
    Understand products and practices as they apply to landscape irrigation  Learn about: efficient irrigation, new requirements for soil and mulch, a widening list of plant material, a prescriptive option for landscapes under 2500 square feet, and a more holistic watershed approach.

      New Product Showcase
    We travel to trade shows all over the world to find things that make your job easier and the landscape more sustainable.  See what we’ve brought back for you this season.

      Irrigation Troubleshooting
    Learn how to identify and solve timer, wire, and valve problems using volt/ohm meters. Mastering these essential skills and tricks of the trade will make future service calls a profitable pleasure!